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Large, Diverse Collections

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Large institutions from around the world host a diverse range of digital archive collections. Included here are digital collections from Scotland,…

Pacific Region


Exploring the history of those cultures who have made their home in or near the Pacific Ocean region.


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Primary materials covering the 15th Century through to the current period.


Les abris sculptés de la Préhistoire  Préhistoire  Collection  Grands sites a_2017-03-08_13-22-40.png

In the Pre-Modern era, many people's sense of self and purpose was often expressed via a faith in some form of deity, be that in a single God or in…



Gender history is a sub-field of history and gender studies, which looks at the past from the perspective of gender. It is in many ways, an outgrowth…



Ancient History is the study of study of history before the end of the Western Roman Empire A.D. 476.



The history of Asia can be seen as the collective history of several distinct peripheral coastal regions such as, East Asia, South Asia, and the…

Colonialism, Empires & Exploration


Archives highlighting the race of exploration and colonisation between the then most advanced maritime empires, Portugal and Spain, in the 15th…



Labour history is a broad field of study concerned with the development of the labor movement and the working class. The central concerns of labor…

Australia & Australians

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The History of Australia refers to the history of the area and people of the Commonwealth of Australia and its preceding Indigenous and colonial…

War & Revolution


Wars and revolutions from around the world and their impact on the people of those countries embroiled in armed conflict.