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Faculty of Law, Humanities and The Arts

Historians study the everyday lives of people who lived in the past by looking at clues: objects and documents that people left behind, that have survived years of history. History enriches your understanding of the world by offering ways to understand the broad scope of human experiences, from our everyday lives, to larger global processes. It teaches you to research information, to critically evaluate debates, and to communicate your arguments and beliefs clearly and effectively.

This degree

UOW’s history degree focuses upon themes that link Australian and international history. Studying History is also about learning what it is to be a historian, with each subject contributing to developing a sophisticated and critical appreciation of contemporary approaches to historical theories, methods, interpretation, argument, and uses of evidence.

What you will study

Core subjects will teach you broad histories of specific Australian, Asian and European societies. In your second and third years you will be able to specialise and study topics in greater depth including specific historical examinations of empires, the political and social impacts of wars, and the development of the State. As well as your History major, you must elect a minor from the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts.