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HIST112 Lost Worlds: The 'Big History' of Ancient History


This subject offers a 'Big History' approach to the study of Ancient History. It explores case studies from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome in the context of the wider picture of human evolution. It investigates how disciplines such as cosmology, biology, anthropology and archaeology have advanced our understanding of history. It will examine how global events such as a changing climate and volcanic activity may have impacted upon ancient societies. The subject will also help students to understand the broader political, social and economic context of the classical period of ancient history. 

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HIST386 Ancient Texts


This subject explores some of the major historiographical controversies in the field of ancient history. The subject focuses upon major gaps in the written record and familiarises students with the interpretative methods deployed by historians to overcome these gaps. The student will gain a deeper understanding of how reliable are our chronologies and historical narratives, and the methods used by historians to understand diverse sources, including historical, religious and literary texts. The subject will examine how our understanding of ancient society has changed over time.