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HIST293 China since 1949


The subject will explore major political events and socio-economic change in China after the proclamation of the Peoples Republic in 1949. The impact of these events is still felt in China today and has influenced her relationship with Asian neighbours, Australia and the United States. Events that the subject will explore include the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, economic reforms, Tiananmen Square Incident, Chinese foreign policy, environment issues, government and resurgent nationalism. Students will also be introduced to current events so that they will understand political and social changes in China today. 

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HIST373 Empires Colliding: Britain and USA


The twentieth century was a world of colliding empires. As the British Empire declined, its offspring, the United States, rose. These two world powers were often at odds and yet were inextricably intertwined. This subject examines the cultures of these imperial centres and their colonial peripheries. It pays particular attention to the popular cultures and popular politics of empire. Topics may include: slavery and anti-slavery; anti-colonial movements; civil war; gender and adventure fiction; exhibitions and imperial might; sport and informal empire; war and imperialistic jingoism; civil rights campaigns; and, immigration controls at the beginnings and ends of empire. Regions may include: Ireland and UK; USA and Canada; India; Africa; and, Australasia.

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