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Resources and Tools

Want to publish online, build a website, or visualise your findings? Wondering about the types of digital resources freely available online?

The following sites provide a range of digital tools from beginner to advanced:

Querypic data visualisation  (TROVE newspapers)

DIY Exhibition builder (TROVE)

Digital Tools and Techniques

Digital Heritage Handbook

DiRT Directory

Digital Humanities Tools

Research + Tools



What’s happening with Digital History and Digital Humanities in Australia?

People to follow:

Tim Sherratt

Mitchell Whitelaw

Deb Verhoeven


Organisations on Twitter:

Digital Humanities Research Group

Australasian Association for Digital Humanities


Want to learn more about Digital Humanities?


Digital History: a guide to gathering, preserving, and presenting the past on the web

Hacking the Academy: new approaches to scholarship and teaching from Digital Humanities

Clio Wired : the future of the past in the digital age (Access by UOW staff and students only)



Honest History